52North Selected for Prestigious Digital Health Accelerator, Partnering with TMCi

52North has been selected to be part of a prestigious accelerator program, exclusively dedicated to advancing digital health and medical devices. This incredible opportunity allows us to refine our US go-to-market plan and gain access to the invaluable resources offered by TMCi (Texas Medical Center's Innovation Factory).

We're eager to leverage TMCi's remarkable facilities and cutting-edge infrastructure to propel our growth. By harnessing their extensive network and curated programming, we can take crucial steps towards expanding our footprint in the US market. We believe in driving innovation and bring transformative solutions to the forefront of the healthcare landscape.

This exciting journey not only signifies our commitment to revolutionising the industry but also strengthens our position as a leading player in the digital health and medical device space. We are incredibly grateful for this opportunity and excited about the possibilities that lie ahead.

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