About us

52North was born in Cambridge, UK in 2018.

Our name refers to the coordinates of the city: 52° N, and directly on the Greenwich meridian.

Our mission is to help people live better lives. We do this through innovating, collaborating and using cutting-edge technology that centres itself around all of the people who will engage with it: whether they are people living with disease, carers, doctors, paramedics or nurses.


Our values

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We value patient experience

We work on problems that are truly impactful for patients living with disease, to meaningfully improve their quality of life. We achieve this by engaging with patients at the heart of our product life-cycle, to collaboratively re-invent their healthcare journey.

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We value ethical innovation

We create affordable technologies that empower people and enable decentralised clinical decision making. Our products are innovative, sustainable, and pleasant to use.

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We value excellence

With evidence and science at the forefront of everything we do, our team’s skills shine brighter, enabling us to be ahead of the curve, to find the safest, most innovative solutions to patient needs.

About team

Meet the team

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Umaima Ahmad

Chief Executive Officer

Mireia Crispin

Dr Mireia Crispin

Chief Digital Officer

Saif Ahmad

Dr Saif Ahmad

Chief Scientific & Medical Officer

Nikki Weckman

Dr Nikki Weckman

Chief Technology Officer

Anna Wilson

Dr Anna Wilson

Head of Operations

Ama Frimpong

Dr Ama Frimpong

Head of Product Development

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Jason Higgins

Head of Digital Development

Aislinn O Farrell

Aislinn O'Farrell

Clinical Affairs Associate

Dr Angelos Echiadis 

VP, Technology

Michael Gulev

Michael Gulev

Quality Specialist



Dr Laura Burzynski

Senior Scientist

Samuel temp 1

Samuel Rebollo Díaz

Senior Developer

DS Headshot

Don Steel 

Senior Product Design Engineer

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Isabelle Comber

Founder's Associate

JOE CHALK Headshots RAW June 2020 2 3 1

Joe Chalk 

Digital Project Manager

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Hemalatha Jayabal

KTP Immunoassay Development Scientist

Amanda Wooding

Dr Amanda Wooding

Investor Director

Leszek Borysiewicz

Prof Sir Leszek Borysiewicz

Non-Executive Director

Profile 12

Tanya Humphreys

Board Observer